Photo of the photographer while off-roading

In Amsterdam, delivering our oldest triplet to school

Late fall camping with my son in Colorado

TheGreat  Outdoors: Camping, Off-Roading, My Motorcycle &  Photography

I am a Navy veteran, a trained machinist, a former I.T. guy and a licensed massage therapist. When our second child was born, “it” turned out to be them…triplets. I quit my job as an I.T. professional and became an at-home Dad. That was long before it was cool and I actually ended up in the newspaper three times as a result. My wife was a rising executive at the time so it was important for one of us to be home. When our kids were small, I did it all.  My attitude was “I can splice wire, so I can braid hair.”  I was a co-leader of the Brownie troop for my daughters when there weren’t enough leaders. I was a dance dad, a lacrosse dad, a theater dad and a track dad…whatever it took. Now that they are pretty much out of the house and on their own, I am focusing on taking some time to explore my own favorite things.

I could spend my life outdoors if my wife didn’t want to be inside a bunch of the time. I love hiking (and I did it a lot before I had some trouble with my ankles after a fall walking the dog, but that’s a story for a different day), walking, driving my F150 truck, exploring back roads, riding my motorcycle and camping. I am an amateur photographer and I am learning to edit my photos as well.

I enjoy cooking, and I’m particularly good at putting things together to make great dishes without planning or measuring. The down side of that is often I cannot replicate them, but the first time around is fantastic!  I like a lot of different styles of cooking but smoking is something I love and continue to work on.  I am on a quest to be able to invest in the best smoker but haven’t pulled the Traeger yet (get it?).  Shoot me a line if you have an opinion on the best smoker to get.