• Family first
  • After family, work is my obsession
  • Outside of work, cooking is my passion
  • My journey with chronic pean is ongoing

Family, Marriage, Cooking, Chronic Pain, and Life

When I describe myself to people I usually start with “I am a mom of four and married to my best friend.”  Family is the most important thing to me. Work is a very close second. My brain is (unfortunately) whirring along all the time and I think my husband will kill me if I ever actually retire, even though we love each other’s company and have a bunch of stuff planned for when I am no longer working.  I was born and raised in Western Massachusetts and assumed I would be there forever, but we actually moved to Colorado 4+ years ago for my current job and I LOVE it (and the job).  

My husband and I have had our ups and downs and have clearly demonstrated to our kids that marriage has to be a work in progress; you cannot take it for granted.  I think he is the smartest, kindest and funniest person I have ever met, and to be honest, humor has gotten us through a lot of tough stuff.

My biggest passion outside of work is cooking and I do as much of it as I can.  I collect cookbooks, I read recipes for fun and I cook to relax.  I’ll be honest (mostly because that’s the way I always am), I usually enjoy the cooking even more than the eating! I often go to sleep thinking about what I am going to cook in the morning, and think about the next meal while I am eating the current one.  In the past I have had some battles with weight, but I think I am at a pretty healthy place now, and I have been for over two years so I hope it is a trend.  

Medical stuff has been a part of my life for over 30 years. I have suffered from chronic cluster migraines since my early 20’s, though they are well controlled now. I am a veteran of the infertility and miscarriage wars. I have degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.  Walking is now my biggest and most important exercise and I try to do at least 2 miles of that every day. Fun fact: there is almost three pounds of titanium in my body now. Titanium is a pretty light metal so trust me when I tell you, that’s a lot.

Finally, it’s probably important for you to know I think I’m funny. My children insist I am not.  I swear to you, I am. #really

Life Motto:

“It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.”
~Harry S. Truman

Life As a Mom: The Most Important Thing I Have Ever Done

Family first” is something I work hard on.  I was the sole breadwinner when our kids were small (after we decided Kevin would be the at-home-parent) and at that point in my career I had to work l.o.n.g. hours. I missed a lot.  We had some traditions that kept things going, like as many family meals as possible (which for me meant just the weekends usually), dozens and dozens of first day of school cookies, taking Christmas week off with the kids etc.  But if I asked my kids when they were young “which is more important, work or you?” they didn’t always so “ME!”  Hit me up about #momguilt.  

Chronic Pain and Titanium Innards

Everyone has their “tough stuff” and hard journeys.  Mine is an apparently complicated spine that has degenerated much more quickly than it should or someone my age. There are a total of 25 levels in your spine (7 Cervical, 12 Thoracic, 5 Lumbar and one Sacral).  I have 13 of them fused…I am more titanium and polyethylene than spine. All those fusions have been since 2016 and the recoveries have been…well, let’s just say it’s been difficult.  I’ve also got two pelvic bolts now, and my pelvis has fractured three times. In addition to that I have learned I have osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and potentially some other miscellaneous stuff. I am not big on complaining and I am working hard on all things positive. That said, all of this is part of me and so you’ll hear about it occasionally. If you have chronic pain, chronic illness, you are part of the “spoonie community” or your life is changed or impacted forever by these kinds of things, I’m here for you. Truly.

Work and Professional Life

I work as a human resources executive in my real life. I promise I am not the bad sort of HR I hear many people run into who has no idea how to treat people or how a business makes money. I have spent a career just treating people with respect, kindness and good humor.  I LOVE my job. I get to work directly with people, I sometimes am able to make a difference for someone, I help my company be successful and I get to travel.  I’ve been fortunate to go to really special places, and my favorite travel is to our stores!  This site is not for the professional part of my life, but if you’re interested in it you can follow my LinkedIn (link below).

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