Kevin and Martha

Our Four Kids are Adults Now So We Are Exploring Our Other Passions for Food, Travel, Our Dogs and the Outdoors

We are working on our next journey as we are now in the “50’s and beyond” age group. We have raised our family, and now we are rediscovering all the things that we loved to do before we were loving raising kids.

We are one of those unusual couples who do not believe in love at first sight, bu despite that, we fell in love at first sight.  Martha will be happy to tell you the story: we were introduced by mutual friends at dance club (where drinks also were served).  Kevin will tell you “we met in a bar.”  Both are true and we were engaged in three weeks. We’ve been married 28 years now and we work at it every day so we can keep saying “and counting.” 

In Georgetown, laughing at ourselves for not checking if the pass was open

Our Family

There is Nothing We are More Proud Of

Kids…we have four and they are all adults now.  Our oldest child, Emily (“the original” as we call her) is 25 and lives in the hills of Western Massachusetts where she helps run a gallery.  The second child is our triplets, who are currently 22. Elizabeth is going to school in Amsterdam and is studying Linguistics. Kevin (formally known as “little Kevin” but that does not work anymore so now he is “younger Kevin” or just “Kev.”) works in quality control in the area of luxury metals.  Samantha is finishing up her History degree in the Boston area and teaching dance and dancing as much as she can.

We are incredibly proud of all four of these people we claim as family. They are each genuinely good people, care about others, are polite and respectful and good, firm handshakes.  Remind us to tell you about the handshake lessons. I promise, they LOVED those.  (They did not love them. I cannot lie to you. But it turns out they really appreciate having had them.)



We are not quite sure how it happened but all our pets are black and white.

As a family, we have always had cats. Martha was raised with dogs, but Kevin was not really a fan.  So, we had a series of rescued cats and each kid had one. Over time, all of the cats had at least some black and white.

Then, Juneau happened. Martha got a weird longing and despite years of “it’s a dog or me” from Kevin, she called his bluff and called the shelter. We had a fiend who worked there and she told us about a caravan of dogs coming from a kill shelter in Texas, and she put a very temporary hold on a dog that was coming.  The day after the caravan arrived, we headed to the shelter and out came our first dog as a family…Juneau. She chose us immediately and we were head over heels.  Juneau was a mutt but primarily a Border Collie,  After about a year, she became a little down and it became clearly she needed a pal. We went to Glenn Highland Farm in New York State (a Border Collie rescue) and Juneau selected Bailie.  Bailie is 100% Border Collie.  And three years ago at Christmas, we added Charlie…a pure-bred Border Collie, who also happens to be in-bred.  Luckily, we don’t breed our dogs so although Charlie is an AKC purebred, he will never be a dad.  Last summer we lost Juneau to brain cancer and it left a hole in our family.

So the sole cat who survived our move is our son’s cat Happy Feet, who is black and white and getting old. He was hit by a car before we rescued him, and his tail was amputated and we think his hip was broken then too. Happy Feet is pretty tolerant, but the addition last Christmas of our daughter Samantha’s twin black and white kittens has tried his patience.  The kittens do not belong to us but while she is finishing school we are responsible for them. Ivy and Oliver have….a lot of energy, which is okay because they are completely adorable.