Camping, Finally…Fall in the Colorado Mountains

We finally have gotten around to camping this year. While we would have liked to go much more, Martha’s surgeries this year made that impossible. We do try to get out and camp at least every Columbus Day weekend, and we were happy that we were able to do that. . We stayed at Spruce Grove Campground in western Sedalia, Colorado, near Tarryall  Resevoir. This campground is part of the Pike National Forest and it is really just stunning.

Our camper is a 2016 Lance  model 1995 /w 4seasons package. This package includes better insulation and heated tanks. Last year we ran out of propane and woke up very cold…multiple times, actually. This year we made sure the tanks were both full. As the camper has spent the last year sitting, Kevin double-checked all the systems were working properly. He would do this anyway, even with regular use.


The trip to the campground takes, generally, 2 – 21/2 hours, depending on traffic. We left early Friday afternoon. The entrance is easy to drive by. Spruce grove is small but scenic. The sites are mostly level. Setting up our camper takes about 20 – 30 minutes. We were set up by 4.

After we set up we went for a short ride to see the foliage. We stopped at the out flow of the dam the creates the Tarryall Reservoir. We let the dogs wander a bit and took a few photos.

The aspen were quite something. On the way back to camp, Kevin took mental note of the dirt roads, off the main road, for future exploration. Back at the camp site, Kevin took the dogs for a walk and to see who was there. There were not many people that night. We had a nice meal of sausage, onions and peppers with Shiratake noodles. It was very tasty and the noodles  added good texture to the meal. It also rained and was in the 30’s in the morning.

There next day we slept in a bit, because there was no reason not to. Kevin did take the pups out during the night and at first light. After  a hearty breakfast of hash, eggs and bacon and some chatting, we headed out to Buena Vista, to the Brown Dog for snacks and beverages. There is a dog walk area near the regional airport nearby and it was uncrowned, which was nice for the dogs.

After a walk with the dogs we headed back up 24 to 285 towards FairPlay, where we filled up with gas.  We  drove up to Jefferson and turned onto 77 to head back to camp. Back at camp we made a fire and sat by it for a bit, before we added some things to the prior night’s supper, made a salad and settled in for the night. . 

We rented a Honda generator for this trip. The generator was quite quiet and welcome as the heater was run in the evening, and to charge the batteries.

Sunday morning we lazily packed up, hitched up and went home, smelling like the campfire. We can think of a lot worse things.